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Our company is first across the nation to use local ingredients in order to provide 100% natural hemp insulation solutions. We bring years of expertise and numerous completed projects to help you build a hemp house of your dreams. A house or a building that provides comfort, saves your money, protects the nature!


Make hemp the present of american construction industry!


Provide only local, natural, energy efficient materials that are beneficial to home owners and environment!

Hempire Mix

Through an extensive R&D our company has created a very light, 100% natural insulation material called Hempire Mix. This highly energy efficient material consists out of three components: american hemp hurds, water and our special proprietary binder, called “Fifth Element”! This binder does not contain any cement, sand, hydraulic lime (cement), or any toxic components. Our company will be supplying all of these natural ingredients.


US hemp Hurds

Fifth Element


Hempire mix

All three components are placed inside a mixer right on construction site. It takes about a minute of mixing to produce Hempire Mix. This process is so simple, one can learn how to mix in 5 minutes. This material can be used to insulate any wall, floor, roof inside a new or an existing building.

Areas of Application

1 – Hempire insulation

2 – Timber stud

3 – Timber batten

4 -  Fiber cement board

5 – Brick veneer siding

1 – Hempire insulation

2- Timber Stud

3- Timber batten

4- Membrane

5- Timber Cladding

1- Timber Stud

2- Hempire Insulation

3- Mag Board/Clay Render

4 - I-joist

5 - Particle floor board

6- Hardwood/laminate flooring

7- Hempire floor insulation

8- Timber framing

9- Timber base

1- Hempire insulation

2- Timber frame

3- Magnesium board

4- Timber cladding

5-  Roof Truss

6- Membrane

7- Timber batten

8- Roof shingles

1- Hempire insulation

2- Timber frame

3- Clay/Lime finish

1- Hempire insulation

2- Timber frame

3- Timber cladding

4- Timber batten

1- Hempire Insulation

2 – Timber frame

3 – I-joist

4 – Timber base

5 – Particle floor board

6 – Hardwood/laminated floor


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Use of only natural components

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High thermal properties


Non-flammable material


Big savings on heating/cooling bills

  • Carbon-negative footprint
  • Excellent Humidity regulator
  • Vapour permeable material
  • Good sound insulator
  • Termite resistant
  • Great repulsion of pests
  • Zero waste during installation
  • High thermal capacity
  • Mold prevention
  • Healthy alkaline environment



Insulation services


Material Supply

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Consulting services

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