Sergiy is one of the leading figures and innovators in the hemp construction industry. He started his education in civil engineering in Canada before gaining years of valuable experience working in construction and researching the potential of hemp as a building material. In 2015 Sergiy co-founded Hempire UA which has since collected a vast and impressive portfolio of constructions, both commercial and residential, around the world from the coasts of California to Ukraine.

NoCo is the perfect assembly of hemp enthusiasts and experts for Sergiy to share his niche and valued knowledge about the use of hemp plants, particularly the leafy stems, in the realm of construction. Sergiy will be discussing how construction companies and contractors are able to use hemp as a locally grown material in order to produce sustainable building products and how this is consequently beneficial to the planet. He will outline just how hemp homes are energy-efficient, insulating, naturally ventilating, and mould and pest repelling.

To find out more about how you can use hemp in construction, and which materials can be derived from this natural plant - online or in-person - get your NoCo ticket today!

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