Project Details
  • Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Project Type: Private house building
  • Project size: 216 m2
Project Photo gallery

Scope of the project: This 216 m2 dome shaped hempcrete house is one of the most famous ones, since it was featured on many TV channels across Ukraine. The client started to build a dome house from polystyrene concrete on the magnificent hills overlooking Kyiv city centre and then he found out about hempcrete. It was complete news to him that hempcrete could replace traditional insulation material in his unorthodox house design.

Challenges: The insulation process had to be paused in december, once the snow started to fall. Client was skeptical and thought that hempcrete would not make it through the winter without cracking. His scepticism was evaporated once the hempcrete became stone hard in spring time.

Benefits: Dome houses are becoming a trend all over the world but its headache for builders when it comes to insulation and roofing works. Our company is very happy to be a front runner of hempcrete domes movement, since this time of dwelling is extremely energy efficient.

Outcome: Sergiy Boiko now is one of our partners and helps build healthy, natural hempcrete homes around Europe, since his heating bill is minimal as he keeps on getting back his investment into hempcrete tech.