Project Details
  • Location: Lviv, Ukraine
  • Project Type: Private house building
  • Year of the project: 2016
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Scope of the project: This house was designed by a talented Ukrainian architect Olga Sukha with whom Hempire has a great history of working together. The best part about this project is that unites: the Mediterranean style of construction using lime stones.

Challenges: This house designed contained stones on the facade of the building, and subsequently would turn into freezer once winter comes. Two challenges occurred: how to insulate the building from inside and use only natural materials while doing so?

Benefits: Hempcrete performed magnificently well, by eliminating thermal bridging and creating extremely comfy conditions inside a house. Relative humidity stays at 50% all year around.

Outcome: Our client is extremely happy with a final result. Now she needs a bigger house since all her children and grandchildren want to spend more and more time inside this beautiful place.