Project Details
  • Location: Mont Blanc, France
  • Project Type: Private house building
  • Year of the project: 2016
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Scope of the project: The request came from the client to create a cozy yoga studio inside an old soviet industrial building. The idea was to insulate the entire space using natural materials.

Challenges: Main problem, was that the works had to be performed inside an unheated concrete building in the middle of January. Temperatures would drop below -15 C and insulation had to be installed on frosty concrete INSIDE the building.

Benefits: Again and again we were extremely amazed how hempcrete performed well in such tough conditions. Drying up against an ice-cold concrete wall hempcrete has created a cozy environment for yoga classes where quality of air is of upmost importance. Sequestration of carbon by hempcrete will continue for decades on microscopic level.

Outcome: Many students leaving a great feedback after training classes outlining an incredibly calm atmosphere inside the studio.